Questions I am often asked & Answers I tend to give.

Will you give me the perfect actor headshot?

I’m afraid there is no such thing and please ignore anyone who promises otherwise. No reductive two-dimensional image can ever capture your entire, multi-faceted personality or your range as an actor. What you are really looking for is choice, and of that I will give you plenty. Choice is one of the main reasons people change their headshot. It’s often not that there’s anything horribly wrong with the photo they took a year or two ago, it’s just that they would choose something different now.

What should I wear / bring to my shoot?

Don’t worry, when you book a headshot session I send you a comprehensive pre-shoot guide covering clothing, hair and all that jazz. The most important things to bring are your energy and enthusiasm - they bring your photos to life.

Where are you based?

I currently work in Walthamstow in East London. I'm located less than ten minutes from Blackhorse Road Tube and Rail Station and am also easily accessible by Bus services. You can also drive if you're feeling fancy and independent and all that.

Can I bring a friend to my shoot?

No, sorry. Any third person will distract us and interfere with the dynamic of the shoot, neither of which helps you get good headshots. A chaperone is welcome to escort you to my door and make sure this isn’t all some elaborate hoax, then they leave you and I to work.

Why should I get a headshot retouched before using it?

Put simply, if you place an unretouched photo alongside finished actor headshots, you will quickly notice a difference in overall quality between them, even if you can’t define precisely what it is that’s amiss. Of course, you are welcome to use any of the high-resolution photos on your disc pretty much as you like, but for professional display it’s always best to present properly retouched headshots.

Do I have to choose between colour and B&W for my retouches?

No - I shoot in full colour and then convert your final retouches into B&W, so you get both colour and B&W versions of your chosen headshots. While B&W has been industry standard in the UK since forever, colour headshots are becoming increasingly popular, partly following the LA model and partly due to casting directors tiring of discovering that you’re not quite as gray in person as they’d hoped (probably). Having your actor headshots available in both traditional B&W and colour means you can show people exactly what they want to see. I make sure you have the choice.

Why are some of your portfolio shots cropped to 10 x 8 while others are left in 'full' 3:2 format?

Because, as with colour, 3:2 format shots are becoming increasingly popular. I give you both versions of your final headshots. As the online Spotlight portfolio is now the first port of call for many casting directors, you have the opportunity to show more of yourself beyond one 10 x 8. Some people feel that including an uncropped portrait photo in your portfolio can give potential employers a slightly better idea of your physicality as an actor. You don’t have to though. Again, it’s all about me giving you choices.

Why don't I get any prints?

Because many people don’t really need them these days, and those who do invariably require different numbers printing. Best if I leave it to you to print as many as you want, wherever you want. Then no-one has to pay for prints they don’t need.

I have another question...

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