Photos that look like you & photos you can look like.

I take pictures of you at your best.

More importantly, I give you photos that look like you and photos you can look like. This means headshots that show the person who'll walk through the door at castings and shots that suggest the characters this actor could portray.

For me, an actor headshot session is a collaborative process to find the best of you. To achieve this, I give you plenty of time and attention in a relaxed, low-pressure environment where we explore a wide range of lighting setups and unlimited hair/clothing options. All for just £200.

The Shoot

Our shoot begins with a nice cup of something hot and a good chat about you and your work. We also have a look through your clothing options and discuss what to shoot.

We then take a lot of photos.  I generally find it helpful to start indoors so we can get comfortable in a private setting. Once we've covered a range of looks indoors, I then like to work with a few outdoor settings.

I shoot using a mix of natural daylight and studio lighting depending on what effect I'm aiming for and what the sun happens to be doing.

I find around two hours is ideal for an actor headshot session; enough time to get comfortable and explore your range without being too exhausting.

The Process

After the shoot, I go through the photos and take out any obvious errors (i.e. where you blinked or I had the camera pointing the wrong way). I then put together contact sheets for you in both colour and B&W, and upload them to my online server for you to download. I also post you a DVD containing your entire shoot in high-resolution colour.

After weeks of agonising over shortlists and wrestling with your agent, you send me your final choices and I then send you your retouched headshots within ten working days.

I can also often accommodate urgent requests, but it’s best to give me notice before the shoot.

The Deal

Actor Headshot Session - £200

2 hours

Indoor and Outdoor (weather permitting)

Unlimited clothing / hair changes

Around 500 shots taken

Entire hi-res shoot provided

3 retouched shots in both colour and B&W

Additional retouched shots £20 each

Based in Walthamstow, London (Zone 3)

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